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Neon Moodz is our first collective approach to Design, Code and Research. We initially set out to create something cool, but we soon realized we had something more - a feeling of sorts. Some might even say a vibe, but we call it, Moodz. 


Ron’s experience spans over 20 years in design and animation. From an indie startup focused on the very first mobile games on the Apple App Store to later working at world wide channel sales at Apple as an interactive designer. With an imagination that drove some of the coolest projects a kid could ever dream of, Ron’s excited to continue that passion with Neon Moodz.



From a young age, art, math, and physics drove Tom to a world of wonderment and exploration. That passion led to a natural progression to software engineering from scrappy startups, mature enterprises such as Cisco, and now Facebook. He’s eager to apply this wealth of experience to create art at the cutting-edge of mathematical machine-generated shapes.



Coming Soon.

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